Nursing is a noble profession and professional nursing is an art & Science which gained recognition in the 19th century with the activities of FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE.

It owes much to the influence of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), a woman with a vision. Emerging in an age, when nursing was regarded with contempt, Miss Nightingale crusaded to change the world’s view of a nurse. Her contribution in the education of women, her emphasis on the preparation of nurse for the care of the Sick, protection and promotion of health of the individual and society are important facts of the nursing spectrum today.
Nursing is the profession to serve the mankind. It is the profession that opens doors for those ready to join hands to work for humanity. In simpler words, a nurse is the consciousness of unconscious, the beg of the amputee, the eyes of the blind, the means of locomotion for the paralysed, the mouthpiece of the dumb, the ears of the deaf and love for life to the desperate. But becoming a good is the most challenging. Have the spirit and attitude to come up as a qualified nurse and attend your services in the developing of a healthy nation.

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